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Essential Oils I Used to Help TRS Detox

In this article discover which oils I used to go alongside Advanced TRS Detox.

The reason I started looking into Coseva Advanced TRS is for my wife who’s struggled for years with the symptoms of toxicity. She’s suffered from brain fog, chronic fatigue, exhaustion, unexplained headaches and tiredness. Sound familiar? She started the Advanced TRS sprays in December 2018 and by April 2019 her heavy metal levels in her body had come way down according to tests!

While side effects are common with any kind of detox, they’re minimized because of the gentle nature of Advanced TRS but they are sometimes still there. Many of my Facebook and Instagram readers have been asking what to expect and what we used so I wanted to add a blog post and ask my wife to explain what she did!

Oils for Parasites

“I know it’s supppppppppppppppper gross to think about but parasite die off is a common side effect of detox but don’t fear them! You want these silly things out! One thing that helped me was taking detox baths to get rid of things. I would mix Epsom salts with about 3 drops of Young Living Thieves Oil and 3 drops of Young Living Lemon Oil. If the symptoms were bad I’d do a daily bath but if not once a week. Your bath needs to last about 15-20 minutes. Any longer than that and the toxins you’re getting rid of will start to re-enter your blood stream.

You need a good probiotic – I used Life 9 – and some enzymes like Essentialzyme-4.

Oils for Emotional Detox

Speaking of detox baths, the hardest thing about the detox for me personally was the emotional side effects. I’d find myself weepy and sad or unsure and uncertain. When that happened I would often just smell some oils like Frankincense, Stress Away, Valor, or Lavender.

In a 2006 study British researchers wrote that aromatherapy is useful for “the management of depression, anxiety, some cognitive disorders, insomnia and stress related disorders.” They stated that aromatherapy provides a potentially effective treatment for a range of psychiatric disorders.

I have personally watched people get over a panic attack just by inhaling Valor oil!

The best way to use oils for emotions is through inhalation as this effects the limbic system in your brain. So grab a drop on your hands and inhale deep or use in your diffuser, on a scarf, or on a necklace! Using the oils topically, can mean applying them directly to the skin or diluted. I like to put drops on my wrists and behind my ears.

According to recent research depression begins in the liver so it’s no wonder that when you’re detoxing you get floods of emotions! There are lots of liver supporting oils too like Ledum, GLF, and Juvaflex.

One of my favorite ways to use these was also in a detox bath. I love the oils of Trauma Life, Sacred Sandlewood, and White Angelica for that.”

Now back to Tim!

How to get the oils we used

  • Most of the oils mentioned above are in Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit. With this kit we’ve been able to:
  • Bring down fevers
  • Help sleep
  • Fix burns, scrapes, and cuts
  • Helped Tim’s sciatica feel wayyyyyyyyyy better
  • Avoid sick child Dr. visits for 5 years
  • Alleviate headaches

To name but a few things! We love using them during detox. The kit is valued at $412 but you can snag it for $165 by heading here.

Not only does the starter kit offer you a huge discount but it gives you 24% off future purchases!

Ordering more oils

We use oils as our Farmacy and also to avoid toxins in our house. What we found is that by signing up with their monthly autoship program we were able to save further! We now get 48% off!!

Why Young Living?

With 25+ years experience they’re the leader in the field and own their own farms or partner with others to bring you quality oils. You really get what you pay for and I’ve found that 1-2 drops of these is enough compared to 15-20 drops with other companies that probably offered watered down or even adultered oils.

You can get started today here and I’ll send you a $20 Amazon gift card as my thanks.

Questions? Never used oils and want to take an Oils 101 class via text? Email me timothyboonetrs@




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