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How To Reduce Heavy Metal Exposure

First of all, What Are Heavy Metals?

Heavy metals are basically just metals which are heavier than other metals in certain cases. They are everywhere we are and are abundant in our environment, and the average human is exposed to them every single day.

Some of these metals, when taken in smaller amounts, are necessary for life, but when exposed to dangerous metals at larger doses and a longer period of time can be detrimental to the health. When my wife had tests done that indicated high levels of heavy metals I started to research as she had many of the symptoms.

Signs of metal toxicity and things TRS May help with.

1.) Chronic and frequent general feeling of fatigue, illness and discomfort
2.) Chronic pain, mainly in the tendons, throughout the muscles or soft tissues of the body
3.) Brain fog like being confused or forgetful
4.) Digestive issues like constipation, bloating, gas, diarrhea, heartburn or indigestion
5.) Dizziness
6.) Migraines or headaches
7.) Mood swings
8.) Visual disturbances
9.) Depression or anxiety
10.) Nervous system disorders, including numbness, tingling, burning or paralysis in the extremities
11.) Female reproductive issues like infertility, miscarriage and menstrual problems
12. Skin issues such as eczema.
13. Autism
14. Failing eye sight
15. Nose bleeds
16. Endometriosis
17. Heavy and painfully menstruation
18. Enlarged lymph nodes
19. Abnormal bone growth
20. Candida & Thrush

Understanding Heavy Metals

Heavy metals are almost all around us. The grounds we walk on, the products we use and the water we drink and they are a natural part of the earth’s crust.

The increase of these heavy metals have been greatly caused by Human activities and due to this, pose q treat to humans and animals both on land and on the sea. Exposure to these metals can be caused either through food, water, and air as well as households products and even medications.

What Are The Most Common Types Of Heavy Metals?

There are many types of heavy metals, and they include:


This is found in certain types of crops which includes rice. It is also found in drinking water, cosmetic products, and cigarette smiles. Arsenic is tasteless and is also odorless, making it very undetectable and in the past was used as a lethal substance.


This is found in thermometers and can be highly dangerous when exposed to the skin. It also contaminants food such as fishes and shellfish. Mercury tends to build up in the ocean, and this is due to industrial pollution, which makes it build up in the ocean. When organisms are exposed to mercury, they cause neurological damage as well as kidney damage. They also affect vital organs such as the eyes and can lead to blindness. Before the negative effect of mercury was found, it was already used in medicines, cosmetics abs so many other things. This caused wrote a lot of physical and mental damages.


Iron is one of the most abundant natural metals, if not the first. It also the most essential element and plays a huge part in all living things as it is found in the blood and helps in transporting oxygen. However, having too much of it in your body can be very toxic, and due to this, should be taken moderately.


In the past, this was used as a resistant material against corrosion, and although it has it’s used, it is not safe for the human body. When nickel is taken in excess, it tends to cause cancer and also tends to damage the human nervous system. It also causes a reduction in cell growth and is detrimental to the heart and the liver.


Chromium is usually a result of coal and oil. It gets into the soil and other parts of the environment through the use of sewage and also through fertilizers. High exposure to this element can affect the kidney, liver, and the neurological system. In some cases, it can lead to melanoma.


This is going naturally in both water, AIT and in soil but isn’t found abundantly; this is why it is gotten through the foils and soda cans. It usually enters the body as antiacids, food additives and astringent, baking powder, cosmetics, and so on. It can lead to internal organs deterioration when taken in.


According to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics there may be lead in your lipstick! ARGH! Here’s the brand my wife uses instead.


Also known as Carcinogens, it was used in World War I and was used mostly in paints, but today it is found in things such as tobacco and rechargeable batteries. It serves absolutely no purpose to the human body and also gives no benefit to the ecosystem at large. It is safe to say it is one of the most toxic element ever as it can stay in the body for a long time and sometimes for life.


This has been used for so many years and is used in making utensils, electric wire and architecture. However, Copper is necessary for the body and is considered essential micronutrients for humans, but taking too much of it affects the vital organs of the body.

Heavy Metal Detox

These metals in the body do more harm than good, and they can store up in the body for as long as years. There are foods and drinks which can help in the detoxification of heavy metals. This heavy metal detox smoothie for one is a good drink which isn’t only delicious but highly effective and flushes out all the toxins from our organs and where they tend to hide.

Ways to reduce exposure to heavy metals

  1. If you work in a place where there is a high exposure to these metals, the use of gloves and other protective equipment is highly advised
  2. Before purchasing household products, be sure to know the ingredients used and avoid products which have lots of heavy metals present in them. And when using them, the use of gloves is highly advised.
  3. Buying and eating of fish should be monitored properly as they can be contaminated from the river by mercury and other forms of these metals, therefore, is bad from the health and the internal organs.
  4. Checking cosmetic products before buying and not using it frequently to allow your skin recuperate and avoiding the use of lipsticks which are made with lead.

How does TRS Help Detoxification on a Cellular Level?

Advanced TRS facilitates detoxification at the cellular level to attract, trap and remove heavy metals, toxins, and other contaminants through the body’s natural process.


On its own, your body has to go to a lot of work to neutralize and remove toxins, if it is able to remove them at all. For example, lead and mercury are notoriously difficult to remove. And as a person’s body becomes more toxic with heavy metals, it becomes less able to remove them.

Zeolite (Clinoptilolite Zeolite), the active ingredient in Advanced TRS, facilitates your body’s ability to extract harmful toxins. As zeolite is inert in your body, your body does not recognize it as anything out of the ordinary. However, heavy metals, radioactive elements and other toxins are extremely attracted to the cages-like structure of the zeolite molecules. In addition, Zeolite will exchange its healthy negatively charged minerals for any positively charged toxins in your body. Because zeolite uses nanotechnology and is encapsulated in water clusters, it will go anywhere in your body water can.

Taken over a period of 90 days, Advanced TRS facilitates the body’s ability to extract toxic metals that it otherwise could not on its own. The graphic below demonstrates both the toxic metals extracted as well as when they are extracted after the first day of using Advanced TRS through 90 days of continuous use. That’s why we recommend the 3 pack on auto ship! Happy detoxing!

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