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Snooze Your Way To A Better Memory!

The good book constantly asks us to relax, to guard our hearts and to avoid any anxieties. Other inspirational teachers have explained at great lengths the importance of rest. Today not many can attest to live up to this calling and neither can they say they are enjoying a restful life.

We live at a time when sleep is seen as a cause of poverty or utter laziness. And while some people have broken out of poverty through hard work, some have remained poor or made no quality advancements in their lives despite their efforts. This can be explained in part, by one’s type of sleep.

The lack of sleep or sleep disturbances is said to contribute to decreased productivity. In addition, studies have drawn a strong correlation between insomnia and health problems. A research done by the Harvard school of medicine showed that good sleep plays an important role in learning and memory while the lack of adequate sleep affects your mood, motivation and your perception of events.

When it comes to proper memory, the research named three functions that are involved:

  • Acquisition – The introduction of new information to the brain
  • Consolidation – Process by which your memory becomes stable
  • Recall – Your ability to consciously or unconsciously access the stored information

A sleep-deprived person cannot clearly focus their attention thus cannot learn or executive projects efficiently. In addition, because sleep helps in the consolidation of memory, this happens through the strengthening of the neural connections that form our memories, if you are sleep deprived, you will find it challenging to remember things learned.

This is because without good sleep your neurons get overworked and as a result fail to coordinate information properly causing you to lose your ability to access previously learned information.

Although there is a need for more research on the effects of sleep to human health, the one thing science has agreed on is that good and or adequate sleep is important for learning and memory.

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