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TRS Detox Reviews.

TRS Detox Reviews.


For more Advanced TRS testimonies please head to my YouTube Channel: The Heavy Metal Detox and SUBSCRIBE! Thanks! Please note I’m not a medical professional and am not here to treat, diagnose, or cure anybody. I’ve just seen such amazing stories with our family on Advanced TRS detox that I decided to start sharing. Here are some testimonies from others who’ve used the detox and are reporting amazing things!

My Advanced TRS Testimony


Advanced TRS Testimony

“My story is a little different, I literally made myself ill for a year with wrongful detoxing, which Is why I value TRS so much for providing such a simple solution to a complex problem. I detoxed with chlorella and killed Candida (I had long standing gut health issues), unknowing that Candida was binding heavy metals in my gut and thus just protecting me and knowing that Chlorella was only rearranging the metals in my body (because I didn’t even realize I had that much toxins my body having had not any dental fillings myself).

I tried to detox again over the years but everything just made me feel worse and my body was all over the place with all kinds of symptoms taking turns (I’m assuming that I have some form of MHFR). Some things I got under control before starting TRS through a lot of emotional healing work and a super clean diet. But my most persistent symptoms was depression, slight bipolar mood swings, severe gluten intolerance and a long list of other foods to all of which I reacted to even trace amounts….. Two weeks after starting TRS was the first month in 5 years where I wasn’t depressed before my period and although I went through some emotional detox later on, depression never returned. The other thing I instantly noticed was how I felt full and satisfied with much less food, slept better/deeper, remembered my dreams, my menstrual cycle is regular with no PMS, and intuition heightened, and my digestion is better than it has been my whole life (I dealt with some bloating as a result of die off in the beginning, but my gut has been so calm after that).

My food intolerances improved a little but I think it needs a little more time still (I’m only on my second bottle right now). I just really feel like myself again and like I can handle life again, it’s been painful the last years, trying one thing after the next only to be disappointed over and over, I couldn’t be any more grateful for TRS, it seems like a miracle for the toxin times we live in!”

-Daniela B

Advanced TRS Testimony #1

Advanced TRS Testimony #3

“Our 6 yr old ASD girl at the start of 2018 was tested for school entry and scored with an intellectual disability IQ range less than 70. She has been receiving regular therapy to assist her development since 2014 with slow progress. After having been on TRS for 2 months she completed her “golden words” or 10 most regular sight word for literacy!! This is big as she couldn’t read at the start of the year or speak sentences with more than 3-4 words with limited vocabulary. At the end of kinder she could recognize, write her name and also sing the ABC song but only recognize the letters of her name (Rose). Now she is also at peer level for legible writing ability, with lots of effort going into her comprehension and confidence in reading. Just in the recent weeks we had a speech assessment done and it was shown that since her last assessment she has improved in 9 months time 12-18 months worth, placing her at the abilities of a 3.5 yr old at her age of 6.7 yrs old. She has also shown improvements in her focus, learning retention, social interactions and emotional regulation. And the majority of this improvement has been in the last 4 months. She is a happy child smiling so much more and coping and developing well more then what was expected of her. Thank you TRS for helping my Rose to blossom.”

– Anonymous

Advanced TRS Testimony #4

“For the longest time, I had trouble with constipation. I always assumed it was because I was hypothyroid. I used to have to take 4 Cascara Sagrada (herbal laxative) pills daily. Since being on TRS, I’ve had no troubles. I no longer need to take Cascara Sagrada!”

-Michelle W.

Advanced TRS Testimony #5

We’re only 2 weeks into nutrition program with Advanced TRS and Jed’s vocabulary has taken off! He went from 10 words to about 50 within a couple of days. He is now saying phrases and having back and fourth conversations with me!”

-Olivia B

Advanced TRS Testimony #6

“I’m so upset that I didn’t faithfully do this TRS on Paige years ago!! Her eczema was all flared up and worse than it had been in a couple of years and after about day 4-5 of TRS twice a day her skin cleared up and has stayed clear!”

– Anonymous

Advanced TRS Testimony #7

“My son at the end of the second week much happier calmer, more energy and doing jobs without back talking…said he feels good on the inside. No head tics they are gone. Still has intrusive thoughts OCD but the happiness is making him stop focusing in on that….appetite a bit better, memory better….I know it’s only early day’s and it could be a roller coaster ride but o my gosh 2 weeks on such a low dose whoa this is powerful liquid gold.”

-Nikki J

Advanced TRS Testimony #8

“My name is Eddie. I’m a 12 year old army veteran. I suffer from Gulf War Syndrome; memory loss, insomnia, headaches, chronic fatigue, body aches. I was pumped with so many vaccines in the military and who knows what else they gave us not to mention having inhaled

the air filling fumes from oil well fires during my time in the Gulf. Didn’t make connection until now. Heavy metal toxicity is REAL! A few days (yes for me it was almost instant, perhaps my heavy metal load is very high) into using TRS at 2 sprays a night, my insomnia, snoring, and sleep apnea practically went away! I used to wake up multiple times a night due to my sleep apnea and sometimes stay up. I now wake up refreshed and more energetic. I’m more productive (wife really appreciates that 😊) during the day now that I have the energy. My wife commented that I’m also more patient with my family. For the first time in forever I am “living life” and “feel”. I used to be so stoic. I’m now “feeling” emotion. My wife attributes TRS to literally saving our marriage as she is now able to have two-way conversations with me and I don’t just space out. I had no idea how sick and toxic I was until now. TRS is life changing”

– Eddie

Advanced TRS Testimony #9

“My son and I started TRS January and March 2018 and since then we have both experienced lots of improvements health wise and cognitively, myself even purging some parasites from my scalp. This testimony is about my son, he’s 2 years and 4 months old, and even though he is completely unvaccinated I was noticing a fog in him around 14 months old. His speech was behind and he wasn’t making eye contact a lot. I decided to try TRS and on day 1 he spoke words he never spoken. Tree and Stick! And over the past year of using TRS with him he has Thrived!!! When he was 23 months old we eliminated milk and his speech on a communication level sky rocketed! With the combination of TRS, no milk and organic diet – I’m telling you he’s a mini Einstein! I will list for you the thing that he can do now he know the full alphabet and all the letter sounds and words associated with the letters, he can read a few small 2-4 letter words, counts to 30, counts to 100 by 10s, backward 10-1, knows the entire solar system, can complete puzzles up to 50 pieces on his own – including a USA state puzzle and he knows a handful of state names!!! He knows all his shapes, colors, animals, and seasons!!! I’m telling you he’s insanely smart! Since TRS the past year he has amazed us and has such a goofball personality. Thank you for introducing me to this amazing product so I can protect myself and my family from environment toxins!!!”

-Victoria A.

Advanced TRS Testimony #10

“One high functioning level 1 ASD (6yr old) and one non verbal level 2 ASD (4yr old) both started TRS 3 weeks ago. Dose of 1 spray daily for 2 weeks and now 2 sprays daily. The only negative symptoms they have hade is mild headaches and nausea in the first week, third week runny nose and bad smelly gas * please note each individual may have different reactions depending on their toxicity levels etc. Now firstly the 6 yr old is obsessive in routine, a perfectionist and regular tantrums for various reasons usually associated with not being able to get something “right” the first time or because she is struggling with social or sensory input. And she does still have all those traits BUT… she can focus better, take in information better, give more accurate responses, less reliant on technology for stimuli, smiling more, imitation and language ability is improved along with creative imaginative play. I’m sure there will be more as we’re are only 3 weeks in. My 4 yr old. She is smiling a lot more, making a huge improvement in eye contact that persists, huge increase of Key Word Signs and attempt to say words. She is having little conversations with herself and toys. She is dropping the odd word here and there “unscripted or prompted which is the usual way to get her to speak”. She has shown she can now cope with small changes in some of her routine and is happier to separate without a big meltdown because mommy is leaving her at kinder or with Nana when she is babysat. Her speech therapist is amazed at her progress in such a short span of time. Last session there was not one tantrum, new activities were introduced and she even changed the rules of a game herself! She is very visual learner but was able to follow some direction in her matching game eg: looking for pictures to match and the therapist says” the book is near the circus” for example and she was responding. We were blown away.

-Williams Family.

Advanced TRS Testimony #11

“I used TRS for my son and we started seeing more speech the next day. We have used it for 4 months and continue to hear new phrases and sentences daily. I am having so much fun discovering my son Thank you TRS!”


Advanced TRS Testimony #12

“For years I suffered from migraines and headaches. I just dealt with them as nothing seemed to work. I started TRS in April 2018. Now over 6 months later I can’t remember when my last one was. I haven’t taken any OTC med in months. I used to take them daily for pain.”

– Jessica

Advanced TRS Testimony #13

“Almost 9 weeks ago I was able to cease taking medication for the first time in 23 years (after slowly reducing after starting TRS). Since about 6 weeks ago I have been experiencing a lot of fatigue, anxiety and depression but no worse then when I was on medication which I find incredible. I’ve had a lot of emotional ups and downs as to be expected with both the detox and the withdrawals from meds (it will take a good 12 months to recover from 23 years of toxic medication) but I seem to be improving gradually again now this past week. I am functioning better now than I have over the last 10 years and I’m not taking any kind of medication. Cravings for junk food have also dissipated with TRS and I now crave for salad, fruit, veggies and healthy food all the time, I could not have achieved all of this without TRS. I’m looking forward to seeing how things progress over the next couple of months as I’m beginning to pick up again so I think that the worst of the medication withdrawals are over. I honestly can’t recommend TRS highly enough. The testimonials I’m seeing from others who have had similar struggles as me and are seeing the same improvements with TRS tell me that metal toxicity is possibly the main underlying cause of mental health conditions and that TRS could be a life saver for so many people.”




From the air we breathe to the water and food we consume, life dictates that we take all sorts of toxins into our bodies. These toxins contribute to health problems, such as asthma, stroke, heart disease and developmental deficiencies. While there is only so much you can do to eliminate your toxin intake, Coseva’s Advanced TRS is a cutting-edge solution to help safely and effectively get toxins out of your body. By facilitating your body’s ability to extract heavy metals and other toxins through natural processes, Advanced TRS helps you make significant improvements to your health by extracting heavy metals and toxins that your body would not otherwise.

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