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The Dangers Of EMF

Everything around us has a breath of toxins from EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) that are highly harmful to health. Electromagnetic fields have been around since what is known as forever, and we are completely surrounded by its sources. Our environment is a breath of EMF because we receive natural EMF from the sun and even the earth that we live in, which is why we have to constantly detoxify our body system to get rid of EMF toxins in us.

An electromagnetic field can be generated from many sources, including household wiring, power lines, our electronic and mobile devices such as laptops and cellphones. We are too deep and dependent on the agents of EMF that we ignore the dangers to our health. Even the youngest of us all now depend on electronic devices to enjoy life. All of these things accumulate within us to give rise to health issues. Basically, EMF may have a dangerous effect on every part of the body.

As a family we use these EMF protectors.

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Before we go deep into the dangers of EMF,  it is important that we learn about heavy metal detoxication, heavy metal cleansing, and the effect of heavy metal on how EMF affects our body system. When there is a lot of heavy metal in your body, you tend to be sensitive to EMF which may, in turn, impede your body metabolism, proper functioning, and the ability of your body system to undergo heavy metal detoxification.

Heavy metal toxicity has a relationship with the dangers of EMF toxicity. The more heavy metal contained in your system, the more your body gets saturated with radiation, which is highly destructive. Sources of heavy metal include silver amalgam filling, drinking from aluminum contaminated water, living downstream a coal power plant, feeding on contaminated fish, and so on. Since our body is an antenna that sends and receives information, we become more sensitive and susceptible to the EMF from cell towers, power lines, cellphones around us.

The remedy to getting rid of heavy metals from the body is not far fetched, mere heavy detox from Coseva Advanced TRS can help to achieve a complete heavy metal cleanse or detoxification. Advanced TRS from Coseva is a heavy metal detox product that can rid the entire body system of heavy metal toxins. This heavy metal detox product also detoxifies heavy metal from the brain.

There is every reason why everyone should maximize the health advantages of the Coseva Advanced TRS heavy metal cleanse. For everyone who wants to get away from heavy metal toxicity or reduce the dangers of EMF drastically, heavy metal detoxification is very important, and this is more reason why you should learn how to remove heavy metals from your body.

EMF may affect the Reproductive System

Exposure to EMF may cause infertility in a man. This usually happens when a man continues to keep his cellphone in his pocket or places his laptop on his lap.  A woman can be at risk of breast cancer if she keeps her cellphone in her bra. Several studies have shown that Electromagnetic radiation- EMR from cellphones and electronic devices can cause a reduction in sperm motility and sperm viability. The upper, outer quadrant is the most common location for breast cancer, so women who tuck their cellphones in their breasts become susceptible to cancer in this region.

EMF weakens the nervous system

When your body system gets exposed to EMF, you become vulnerable to all kinds of nervous system problems such as headache, stress, fatigue, depression, insomnia, burning sensation, nausea, and various infectious illnesses. You may find yourself constantly stressed and tired without doing any work at all. EMF basically puts stress on your nervous system.

It affects your organs

Exposure to EMF may cause you to experience symptoms like eye, nose, throat, ear, and digestive system disorder. This is attributed to the concentration of heavy metals in your body system. When these organs absorb the energy from the EMF, the heat does not go out of the body, but it exerts its effect on tissues like the retina, sclera, lens, cornea, and vitreous humor causing them to lose function over time.

Chronic infectious diseases

Chronic infections are an epidemic killing a lot of people today. These diseases which are without no cause have been attributed to be a result of exposure to EMF. Pathogens and bacteria are affected by the wireless communication system and the electromagnetic field. Chronic Infectious diseases have been traced to have EMF toxicity as a probable cause. Most of these chronic infectious diseases include IBS, LIBO, Lyme disease, fungus, and candida.

An individual with increased sensitivity to Electromagnetic fields due to heavy metal toxicity is more likely to suffer these chronic infections.

EMF is completely unsafe for pregnancy and offspring

Exposure to EMF may cause several side effects on a pregnant mother and offspring. It could lead to spontaneous abortion, congenital disease ( EMF is considered a teratogen), low birth weight, and malformations. There have been many reported cases of low birth weight and premature births as a result of EMF exposure. Even after a successful birth, EMF may increase the risk of cancer in the offsprings.

EMF interrupts cellular interaction

An interruption happens in cellular communication as the body gets exposed to EMF. It disrupts the body’s normal electrochemical communication by increasing the receptors on the surface of the cells. This gets the whole messaging system muddled up. Your cells become open to all kinds of messages, and this may cause them to misbehave because there is a high possibility that they aren’t getting the right message.

Conclusively, it is important that you limit your exposure to EMF and reduce your sensitivity to EMF by taking to the use of heavy metal detox food, heavy metal detox smoothies, and heavy metal detox products like the Coseva Advanced TRS which is a natural heavy metal detox that removes toxic heavy metals like aluminium, lead, arsenic,and mercury from the body. It also reinforces your body with vital nutrients like calcium and iron.

EMF Protectors

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