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Why Do A Heavy Metal Detox?

So many diseases have been related to heavy metal toxicity, which is also known as heavy metal poisoning for most and so far has been a cause of the problem for many people.

When there is an exposure to toxic heavy metals, this is usually believed to be a huge factor in the symptoms, which include low energy, change in moods and other types of changes. Basically, this is what happens; these metals usually enter the bloodstream once there is an exposure to contaminated water, dental fillings, and even common household products. They now travel all through the body and enter the cells of different tissues as well as organs, staying stored up for as long as years.

How To Treat Heavy Metal Toxicity?

You might be wondering, how do you treat heavy metal toxicity? Well, it’s pretty easy. It is mostly by following the Advanced TRS Heavy Metal Detox. Yup, a simple spray is all it takes! When you start a plan such as this, you have to be aware of symptoms would most likely get a little worse before they become better, and that should be expected. Some of the symptoms you would most likely experience when you start a heavy metal detox includes:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Digestive issues
  • Fatigue

What Are The Foods Which Can Be Used For Removing Heavy Metals From The Body?

There are foods which can in removing heavy metals from the body and they include quite a lot of vegetables. Some of the vegetables which can be used for heavy metal detox include Herbs and spices, Leafy greens, Bone broth, superfoods such as algae.

When you start a detoxification process, supplements can be used as well as other forms of detoxifying treatments and these help in improving both your liver, brain, nervous system, and other forms of vital organs.

The problem is that although some foods can help and the heavy metal detox smoothie is useful, you need an actual detox. Once my wife started Advanced TRS her heavy metals went down significantly in a few months. You can see her story on YouTube here.

Why Do We Detox Off Heavy Metals?

There are numerous dangers of heavy metals and heavy metal poisoning. This is because heavy metals are elements which can be very toxic as well as dangerous. However, the concentration level of the heavy metals.

Which are the metals which can lead to such toxicity or poisoning, you might wonder? There are a lot of metals which can cause this in the long or short run, and they include:

  • Lead
  • Arsenic
  • Mercury
  • Aluminum
  • Nickel
  • Uranium
  • Cadmium
  • Thallium
  • Lithium
  • Zinc
  • Iron

These are the main and most popular causes of heavy metal poisoning, and some of the studies have shown that under certain conditions, taking a high level of calcium can be quite dangerous to the body.

This form of poisoning can cause quite a lot of issues when the body gets exposed to metals all around the environment, and they also tend to accumulate inside the body. According to some reports and so Study, metals sick as lead, cadmium, mercury, and arsenic have no absolute and beneficial role to the human body or contribute anyway to the human homeostasis and instead rend to contribute more to more forms of noncommunicable chronic diseases.

More researches have conducted researches which proved that when the body is exposed to a number of at least 23 different environmental heavy metals, it tends to be detrimental to the health and cause a serious form of toxicity.

The reasons Tnrse metals are said to be heavy is because they tend to stick in the body, and they also tend to hide in the fat cells, which are impending as adipose tissues. They are very stubborn and cause great difficulty in getting rid of. They are sometimes compared to fat-soluble toxins as well.

What now?

The truth is, there is no possible way a person can completely stay away from heavy metal exposure, and that makes sense as it is a very necessary supply found in the food supply all over the world and also in water as well as the grounds of the earth. But as this happens, they tend to cause more damage without and the individual actually realizing, being the reason why we need to detoxify as much as possible. These damage of heavy metal toxicity includes the fact it can affect the central nervous function, reduce or even damage the mental health, plus affect the vital organs in the body which are the heart, liver, kidneys and also the endocrine glands.

Longer Term Exposure To Heavy Metals

When the body is exposed longer to the heavy metals, it can cause very serious damages and lead to physical and muscular degeneration as we as also a neurological degeneration. When these become more severe, it can imitate symptoms of other problems such as Parkinson’s diseases, Alzheimer’s and also multiple sclerosis.

This is usually related to people who are old enough to get aging issues such as memory loss as well as constant and increased fatigue and although a lot of people tend to blame the concept of old age, these cause be caused by other things without actually realizing or considering it could be due to the exposure to heavy metals.

So Why Exactly Do We Do A Heavy Metal Detox?

To Remove Toxins From The Body.

These heavy metals tend to affect human metabolism and also tends to open ways for lots of diseases. And let’s not forget they are stored in all parts of the body, including the brain for a very very long time.

Increases The Body’s energy

After detoxing, you tend to feel a whole lot stronger and be willing to be more active both physically, mentally and emotionally and you also get to sleep a lot better and do not require a lot of sleep for minimal energy. It helps in giving you more clarity and making decisions wouldn’t be too hard of a chore.

It Helps In Preventing chronic diseases.

As mentioned, when these toxins are removed, they can no longer be responsible for things such as strokes, cancer, neurological diseases, etc. Detoxing helps in assisting your body fight off these things.

Helps In Enhancing The Body’s Immune System

Detoxing helps the immune system function a whole lot better. It strengthens it and helps it in fighting off infections which could result in colds and flushed.

Improves Skin Quality.

Getting rid of toxins and taking in a good diet is sure to help your skin glow and give you a generally healthy and wonderful appearance.

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